Shared Traits of Effective CEOs

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Effective CEOs

Suzanne Itani has served as the CEO of International Exports, Inc., for more than five years. Prior to this role, Suzanne Itani served as the CFO of International Exports Affiliates and senior auditor at KPMG.

Becoming a successful CEO requires more than business acumen. Individuals must possess various personality traits to succeed. Some of the characteristics that effective CEOs share include:

Empathy. Since CEOs oversee numerous employees, they must possess a caring nature. This nature allows them to build trust among those they work with and prioritize their employees over themselves. Effective CEOs know that without their teams, their businesses would not succeed for very long.

The ability to learn. Running a company is often an experience in lifelong learning. CEOs must learn about changes within their fields and the larger business realm and adapt to shifts quickly and fluidly. Further, successful CEOs are extremely curious and frequently search for new ideas and unique ways to solve problems.

Realistic optimism. Confidence is an important part of leading a company, but being irrational doesn’t serve CEOs well. For this reason, effective leaders stay optimistic about their abilities without being unrealistic. They set difficult, but achievable, goals and stay aware of challenges they face.