HHRD Programs and Services

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Helping Hand for Relief and Development
Image: hhrd.org

Suzanne Itani joined International Exports, Inc., as chief executive officer in 2010. In her spare time, Suzanne Itani supports a variety of charitable organizations, including Helping Hand for Relief and Development

Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD) is an international relief organization that specializes in providing emergency support to underserved parts of the world. HHRD primarily works in areas of high population and widespread poverty, such as regions throughout Pakistan, India, Sudan, Kenya, and many others.

The organization primarily works in two areas of disaster relief and support. As an emergency responder, HHRD excels in the provision of food, clothing, and medical support during disaster scenarios. HHRD representatives also work to address long-standing social issues, including awareness campaigns for diseases such as AIDS and tuberculosis.

In addition to these response efforts, HHRD works in areas of community development. The organization’s community efforts range from local installations, like rehabilitation centers, to ongoing projects, such as Water for Life or the Youth for Haiti program.

In order to address such a broad range of objectives, Helping Hand for Relief and Development hosts an array of unique programs, from the orphan support program to a number of adult literacy initiatives. For a full list of organizational goals and programs, visit www.hhrd.org.