Unity Productions Creates Peace through Media


Unity Productions Foundation pic
Unity Productions Foundation
Image: upf.tv

Suzanne Itani is the founder of the Itani Family Charitable Gift Fund, which supports a variety of 501 qualified charities. In her role as donor advisor, one of the organizations Suzanne Itani supports is the Unity Productions Foundation (UPF), a non-profit 501(c)3 foundation registered in California.

UPF’s mission is to create peace and counter bigotry through media with films produced for television, theatrical release, and online viewing. As part of its long-term educational campaign, it uses these films to increase understanding between people of different cultures and faiths. Partnering with prominent Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and interfaith groups, the group has screened films in thousands of community centers, government offices, and classrooms. Worldwide, approximately 150 million people have seen UPF films, which have received numerous national and international awards.

UPF also operates the MOST (Muslims on Screen and Television) Resource Center, in Hollywood, California. This facility provides research and information to producers and script writers regarding Muslims, Islam, and the Middle East.